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Femme Fatales Running List

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 15, 2012, 9:28 PM

Tanker (tangk'er)n. 1. A dusty, grease-covered, dirty, bright eyed, fuzzy faced, beer-drinking, underrated, over-worked, oversexed, little s%#* who can take a Tank and do more battlefield damage in ten minutes than a grunt squad can do in an day.

Current News

Dunno if any of you were paying attention to my big projects list of 2012 and on, but I've decided to get started on it.  It may very well take all year to complete, dunno, but there's no rush here.  

Still, folks may wish to see the list and who's been completed so far.  Well, this will be the running list, or tally, of characters on the list and those that are completed.  Also organized in the groups that they will be drawn up in, so group 1, 2, 3 and so on.  The groups are subject to change, outside of those already completed, and the final collage image will probably not have any groupings as shown here.  Either way, this is the list.

All images are to be drawn up by :iconzipdraw:  Go give him some attention, he responds quite well to it. :D

:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Akanma - femme fatales Akame by ZipDraw
Coworker - Lovelylock and Sniff - LovelyLock  and Sniff by ZipDraw
:icondoom-tanker: - DooM Girl - femme fatales- Doom Girl by ZipDraw
:iconjbwarner86: -  Jocelyn - femme fatales- joycelyn by ZipDraw
:iconrollergalval: - Roller Gal - roller gal by ZipDraw
:iconlordtrekie: - Marie Baker - Femme Fatales  Maria Baker1 by ZipDraw
:iconjazaaboo: - Fem Charger - femme fatale charger by ZipDraw
:iconssjvtoast: - Tifa Femme Fatales  Tifa Raus1 by ZipDraw
:icondaveluck: - Pam - Femme Fatale 2015 by ZipDraw
:iconkoku-chan: - Little Bat Koku -

Mature Content

Femme Fatales  Koku-chan by ZipDraw

:iconcluedog: - Miss Doomsday - Femme Fatales  missdoomsday1 by ZipDraw
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Tac - Femme Fatales  Tac by ZipDraw
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Tankette - Femme Fatales  Tankette by ZipDraw

In Progress (in no particular order)
:iconlevonn78: - J1
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - James/Jaime
:iconldlawrence: - Monica
:iconilex9: - Nappa Black
IiconBidujador: - Bidu-chan
:iconjbwarner86: - Michelle
:iconthe-kid36: - Rika
:icontompreston: - Alex ze Pirate
:iconfunkyalien: - Fran
:iconlionheartcartoon: - Lava
:iconholly-the-laing: - Alexis
:iconmsabrehaven: - Mirage
:iconfreelancemanga: - Nekonny
:iconrobaato: - Ruby
:iconadamwithers::iconcomfortlove: - Telepath
:iconrandomredux: - Miriah
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Blondie
:iconmartheus: - Jetta
:icondaveluck: - Sam Hawkins
:iconyapi: - Yoko
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Angelica
:iconalastorzingari: -  Callista
:iconmaqqy96: - Maeko
:iconshibamura-prime: - Optimus Prima
:iconchadporter: -  White Noise
:iconharpyqueen: - Cleo
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Josie
:iconlordtrekie: - Parsis Tren
:iconpsowill: - Bloodwork
:iconzipdraw: - Dakia
:iconsunrise-oasis: - Hachimaru
:iconplangkye: - Oougel
:iconechowing: - Alex Masters
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Hanah Li-Stone
:iconthe-kid36: - Jessie
:icondangerman-1973: - Super Hawke
:iconalastorzingari: - Victoria Mikaru
:iconblazedenosferatu: - G
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Khalis
:icondannysulca: - Unknown Character name at this time
:iconkaelacroftart: - Sakiko Ryuuzaki
:iconwhitefox89:  - White Fox
:iconblackkusanagi: - Ash
:icontompreston: - Atea  
:iconwhitefox89:  -  Moka
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Shiaku
:iconssjvtoast: - Cress
:iconirishime: - Iris
:iconadamwithers::iconcomfortlove: - Kid Quick
:iconmojoacquired: - Melisande
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Arisa
:iconlordtrekie: - Denise Lang
:iconjbwarner86: -  Kendra
:iconaeolus06: - Lauren
:iconzipdraw: - Brenda
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Darcy
:iconindubitanter: - Elfa
:iconchadporter: - Holly
:iconsora26: - Super Saiyan Sora
:iconkojiro-highwind: - Akiko
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Arwen
:iconlordtrekie: - Jennifer Riely
:iconblackkusanagi: - Jo
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Darth Char (fem)
:iconenm-36: - Omae
:iconplangkye: - Tharlennis
:iconfreelancemanga: - Tina
Coworker - Cerraphine
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Sailor Death Star
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Sailor Jupitor v3
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Sailor Mars v3
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Sailor Mercury v3
:iconuniesque: - Sailor Universe
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Sailor Venus v3
Coworker - Azurial
Coworker - Alystara
:iconzarla: - Fem Hunter
:iconzarla: - Fem Smoker
:iconjazaaboo: - Fem Jockey
:iconrodcom1000: - Zephyr
:iconfirefly00: - Mizu
:iconfirefly00: - Yula
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Rell Haisher
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker:/:iconalastorzingari: - Lana Charwood
:iconstourangeau: - Bladez
:iconihlecreations: - Diamond
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Halley Acken
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Wolf Dog
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Silvia Covus
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Dustine DeMolay
:iconrbl-m1a2tanker: - Tihstrohs
:iconcaptainlupin90: - Lupin Ferus
:iconcaptainlupin90: - Joanne "Jo" Kang
:iconblackwalker: - Reddish

Original image links to the characters outside of the Femme Fatales list can be seen here:…



:teleport: Beware the Ninja
That is all

Commission Status

Commissions Open by RBL-M1A2Tanker DA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompanther

You want something colored like this?
Character - Josie by RBL-M1A2Tanker

$10 USD, and you can have it.  Check my recent gallery submissions for examples of how I color if Josie there isn't sufficient.  

For $5 I'll apply flat colors only on any lineart.  

3 slots available.  Only three so there's a rapid turn around, hopefully.

Just send me a note and we'll make something happen.  I use Paypal, so no issues on that front.
No Point Commissions by RBL-M1A2Tanker

:teleport: Video Stream is here:…
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