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Just to make this very clear, I will not accept any solicitations. If you want to commission ME, then let's talk business. But if you come to me to request that I commission YOU...then you need to stop and turn away. I will contact you if I wish to commission you, not the other way around. Do not behave as a door-to-door salesman. I do not appreciate it. I know you're just trying to drum up some extra funds, but this does not change the fact that you are contacting me to get money from me.

If you repeat the attempted solicitation, I WILL block you and I will NOT spread the word about your commission drive. In fact, I will tell people to AVOID you. So don't do it.





Art and why I am not doing as much

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 16, 2016, 11:19 AM

Tanker (tangk'er)n. 1. A dusty, grease-covered, dirty, bright eyed, fuzzy faced, beer-drinking, underrated, over-worked, oversexed, little s%#* who can take a Tank and do more battlefield damage in ten minutes than a grunt squad can do in an day.

Current News

First, I hope you all had a fantastic set of holidays and a fun New Years! 

Now that the dust from the old journal entry is cleared, let's get down to this one. 

That title above is actually a little incorrect, but I’ll explain.  So for the past couple years, my output of finished images has been steadily dwindling.  Granted, I’m a guy with a wide variety of interests, and art is just one of them.  Still, I enjoy working on said artwork, and posting it to be seen.  I just like doing things like writing much more, so I do those more often, comparatively speaking. 

I also feel I’m better at the writing aspect (your opinions may vary on that), so it’s just something I do more of than art.  Still, that doesn’t explain the decline in finished output. 

Note I keep saying “finished.”  I’ve actually been doing a lot of stuff in the background, comic pages that I really can’t show right now.  Pages and pages of flats so as to speed up the overall production process for a comic.  And I believe it is right there that the answer to the decline is found.

Flats, or color separations, take a long time.  You wouldn’t think they would, but they do, especially on comic pages.  The more detailed it is, the longer it has the potential to take.  If the lines are very clean and there are no gaps, there are tricks you can use to speed things up, but if there is even a pixel width of a gap, then those tricks won’t work.  And you have to make sure that you get everything possible so that the highlights artist has a direction to go, or so he/she can quickly use a flood tool to change the color to something more appropriate.  It’s time consuming, and it requires a lot of focus and energy (or so I found).  So by the time you get done applying flats to one or two pages, you’re just wasted.  You’ve also spent anywhere from 4 hours to 10 or more to get them done. 

After doing that for 24+ pages per comic issue (up to four issues now), you just don’t want to futz about with other works.  You don’t want to try to complete your own images.  And those other skills atrophy a bit due to lack of use, cause you just don’t want to do more right now.  It’s kind of similar to a burn out, but it’s also not.  Cause I could easily jump into working on finishing of the many that I have.  I just don’t feel a drive to do so, which is different from being burned out.  If I was burned out, I would, and have, instinctively felt myself recoil away from the very idea of the idea of doing X, Y or Z, or I would feel myself become disgusted with it.  IE, it becomes a very negative thing.  An example would be flying the Xwing VS TIE fighter game. I used to play somewhat competitively years ago (my stats on on, in case you were curious) and I burned myself out on it.  To this day I can’t get myself to really want to play, even though the drive is sometimes there.  It’s gotten a lot better since the initial burn out, so I’m getting the sense that I could probably be talked into it. 

I’m not burned out on doing artwork.  I’m just tired and don’t have the drive to want to complete them. 

Now the good news here, is that the comic series I’ve been helping with is almost complete.  There’s just one issue left, and once my part is done, I can get back to doing my own stuff or more commissions and start showing off things again. 

So if you’re following me for the arts and wondering where they are, I’ve been doing a lot...I just can’t show it yet.  But what I will be able to show, I should be getting back to it here in the next few months.  And it shall be pretty sweet.  :D



Ongoing Femme Fatale's Project details.………

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That is all

Commission Status

Commissions Open by RBL-M1A2TankerDA Stamp - Commissions Open by phantompanther

You want something colored like this?
Character - Josie by RBL-M1A2Tanker

$10 USD, and you can have it.  Check my recent gallery submissions for examples of how I color if Josie there isn't sufficient.

For $5 I'll apply flat colors only on any character lineart.  Comic pages are a little bit more.

1. :iconmkfan13:
2. :icon
3. :icon
4. :icon

Just send me a note and we'll make something happen.  I use Paypal, so no issues on that front.
No Point Commissions by RBL-M1A2Tanker

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